SINCE 1995


Our Mission

High Country Writers organization was founded in 1995 to lend support to aspiring writers in the High Country of North Carolina.  Since that time it has grown from a group of half a dozen, focusing specifically on romance writing, to an organization of over seventy members, actively pursuing some form of written expression. 

Members include writers of fiction and non-fiction  -- mystery, romance, poetry, Civil War,  Appalachian women, memoir, erotica, Roman historical, young adult fiction and non-fiction, children's books, local history, real estate, as well as Southern fiction.

Our goal remains to work toward and achieve publication for all our members who desire publication.  Examine the links on the Members Page to get a better idea of our success in this area. 


Our Meetings


We meet regularly to discuss writings, present authors and conduct constructive critique sessions. See our calendar with list of all upcoming meetings. Join your first meeting free as our guest and get a feel of the gatherings.


Book of The Year Awards

Each year we bestow Book of The Year Awards to writers based on genre and specific criteria. Submit your book or writings for upcoming awards. 


Explore Writing Techniques
Or Make Connections
With Fellow Writers

There's more than one reason to join the High Country Writers. Meet, discuss, share and explore. Learn about the art and  craft of writing, get inspired by authors old and new and make a new friend or two.



Upcoming HCW Events

These events are organized by the High Country Writers


Start Your Writing Adventure

There is a story in each one of us that is worth sharing. High Country Writers offers on-going support and encouragement to its members so they can finally write that book. We would love to have you join us in our next meeting.


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