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History and Purpose of High Country Writers

High Country Writers began in summer of 1995 when Maggie Bishop placed an ad in the local newspapers seeking others interested in writing fiction. That ad generated thirteen phone calls; when the group met a week later, it had six founding members who met in the conference room of Boone City Hall. The first year saw the institution of events we now consider traditions: the Winter Luncheon, hosting an honored guest speaker for the past two years, and the Fall Poetry Bash, which has come to feature reading of members' poetry. 

The High Country Writers Book of the Year Award was first presented to published HCW authors in 1999 to recognize the excellence in writing that HCW had supported since its beginning. It has remained an annual event, honoring writers published during the previous calendar year. 


To be eligible for a Book of the Year Award, the author must be an active member of HCW and have joined by January 31st of the year the book is published or copyrighted; the author must have attended at least 6 meetings during that same year; the author must complete a submission form and give 2 copies of their book to the committee chair by the 2nd meeting in January; and the book must have a registered ISBN and bar code, be in digital text and bound, and must be in English and nationally available. 

How to Apply:

Please print and return the completed HIGH COUNTRY WRITERS BOOK OF THE YEAR SUBMISSION FORM 2019. Click the button below to download the PDF.

Awards for Books Published in 2015

High Country Writers Boone

Poetry of Travel: On Assignment

Peter W. Morris

Presenter: Lissa Brown

Time for Change Book of the Year Award

Health and Wellness:  Time For Change

Danielle Bussone

Presenter:  Bill Runyan

High Country Writers Book of the Year
Writers of Boone North Carolina

Murder Mystery: They Killed Kenny! and They Killed Coach!

Douglas Stephen Kaiser

Presenter: Linda Jencson


Bill Runyan

Humor:  Official Business
(Lost In Service)

Bill Runyan

Presenter:  Wayne Clawson

Princess of Peace Book of the Year Award Boone NC
Rankine Boone High Country Writers

Science Fiction:  Princess of Peace and Apache Sniper

Anthony J. Rankine

Presenter:  Judith Geary

Poetry in the High Country
Leslie Anne Perry
Poetry High Country Writers
Boone Poetry North Carolina

Poetry:   Multiple Volumes

Leslie Ann Perry

Presenter:  Maryrose Carroll

Presentations: Bill Runyan for Official Business, Presenter, Wayne Clawson; Program Facilitator, Bart Bare and HCW President, Anita Laymon; Danielle Bussone for Time for Change, Presenter, Bill Runyan; Douglas Kaiser for They Killed Kenny and They Killed Coach, Presenter, Linda Jenczen

Photos by Ree Strawser