Meeting Notes: August 9, 2018 @ Watauga County Library

Program Meeting:  August 9, 2018 @ Watauga County Library, Boone NC

Weather:  partly cloudy/cool 70’s

Call to Order:  10:03 a.m., by President Lee Bernier, though the clock is thought to be 3 minutes fast.  Phone silence is requested and parking passes/ID tags are available for participant use and benefit.     

Attendance:  29 total - including 4 Board Members, the program speaker/husband and 3 guests (2 of whom joined HCW today).  An Attendance Signature Sheet was circulated from which member attendance will be logged.  A Meeting Summary form was completed and submitted to the library administrator.   

Lunch:  Speaker defers free lunch.  5 members opt for ‘Eleven 80’.  No reservation necessary.

Brags & Notables:

*  Fern Ellis:  had a book signing at ArtSpace, in Boone.

*  Carole Coates:  listed as ‘most read blogger’ at Mother Earth site. 

*  Mar Startari:  has book on Kindle.

*  Margo Lenmark (guest & new member):  has a new book out, entitled Light in the Mourning.

*  Judy Geary:  has completed moving Getorix series books from Create Space to Kindle (copies passed around). 

*  Neil Wilson:  wife is recovering from a recent fall.

*  Anita Laymon:  making good progress, with Sophia Ensslin, on HCW website redesign.  Should be posted by the end of August.  Original photos of award presentations requested.  

*  Tony Rankine:  ?  Couldn’t hear his ‘brag’, but it is nonetheless noted for the record.  


*  President Lee overviewed a proposed Proxy Voting Ballot Form, which can probably be distributed electronically, via use of the Survey Monkey website.

*  President Lee advises no discussion today on proposed Bylaw changes, developed at recent Board meetings. 

Adjourn to program at 10:20 a.m.


Today’s program speaker, Betty Vaughn, is a North Carolinian novelist, artist and business person, who has never spoken before a group of writers before.  Betty started writing with business correspondence and currently has 6 books out, primarily historical fiction, focussing on the American Civil War era.  Author Betty developed some story lines from childhood dreams and has relied heavily on research for historically accurate depictions.  She read 28 books in six weeks to background her first book, Man in the Chimney.  Her settings are generally based on places she has been to. 

Betty started writing without an agent or a publisher and has gone through the ‘grind of frustration’, typical for the unknown author.  She used the website ‘Writers Beware’ in finally settling with an honest and effective agent, who helped in getting her contracted with a traditional, independent publisher.  She was not interested in going the ‘self-publishing’ route, which she feels has led to decreased sales for all writers.  Author Betty writes what she knows, from experience and who she is as a person.  Any scene might be short, but the lifetime leading up to it is long.  She doesn’t work from outlines (too inhibitive) and has no set writing schedule. 

The author read from several of her works, demonstrating her style and technique in description and dialogue.  She currently is working on a new project, Dragon’s Sword, which is a contemporary thriller set in China, deviating from her usual historical format.

Thanks much to Betty Vaughn for another insight into the incredible process that produces books.  We salute all authors and especially appreciate their stories of writing their stories. 

Meeting adjourned to book signing at 11:45 a.m. 

Meeting NotesAnita Laymon